image gift circle culture

what is culture?
what is my culture?
what defines a culture:
way of life, customs, beliefs, social norms, art, law,
paradigm, tradition, songs, dances, language,
food, medicine, clothing, tools

what are our basic needs:
food, medicine, tools, clothing, education, connection

how to empower community sovereignty of our basic needs
we can’t do it all alone. we do have each other.
we each have our unique skills, abilities, perspectives.
when we work together we are better.

what do I create?
what would I create if I had people to give it to?
what does my community need?
what do I need?
who do I know that creates things?
who do I know that creates what my community needs?

we start with a small group and give each person 2 of our creations.

one gift is kept and the second one is gifted to a person not currently in the circle. extend an invitation to contribute and collaborate at the next turn

when more people are included, the number to create will increase. so we split the circle and we make gifts for each plus more for a box to gift to the other circle.

exchanging every three months gives time to inspire, innovate, design and create for the next circle.

all of this creativity. all of these gifts. all of this gratitude.

from here, the possibilities are endless. now we can make requests for items that are desired at quantity. the creator can realize that it is a useful item and therefore a viable business. or, if out of the individual’s manufacturing scope, why not host a workshop to empower others to create the items themselves. and even donate them to those in need.

eventually, this model could replace the need for all mainstream manufacturing, distribution, marketing and reliance. this model could also blend with the systems that already exist. and it can just be a fun way to show friends that you love them. it’s up to us to bridge our individual and collective core values and see how empowered and sovereign we need to be at a community level.

knowledge is empowering. the choice is yours.

to begin this process, communicate with your friends and neighbours and tell them about what you want to achieve.

How do you relate

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