image weaving the web of wyrd

the web of wyrd is a depiction of the universe from the lens of interconnection. this mythology has ancient roots in northern Europe. some web is already woven and determines the present. presence empowers us to realize that we are a weaver of this web. we choose which threads to cast and which connections to make. we must remember that every choice we make affects everyone and everything. we are all interwoven, interconnected. vibrations travel through the threads and webs in subtle and intense ways. we choose our frequency now and towards future.

this is what it’s like to be a human on planet earth.

let’s celebrate how amazing we are. we are human, we are nature. we are humaNatur.

breathe in. breathe out.

something new is coming. it is nature. it is art. it is magic. it is life. it is music. let us weave our web well.

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