image DNA being


I’ve come to see DNA itself as a being.
migrates, adapts and grows across landscapes, seascapes, airborne
over the course of millions of years
through diversification and mass-extinction,
expansion, contraction, like breath, in and out
the dead feed the living, on all timelines
the living are made of the dead
the cycle continues

somehow “I” experience “myself” as an individual

I’ve come to see the individual as a cell of this DNA creature
the individual migrates, adapts and grows
travels space and time
one step at a time, one second at a time
breathing in and out
the individual’s DNA is activated in moments in life, always changing
an individual’s DNA is not so different from its neighbours
human to human, mammal to mammal, animal to animal, Eukaryote to Eukaryote
microscopic ecosystems living “inside” and “outside” of everything
“my” offspring, in a physical sense is not important
when I can have a positive influence on anyone around me

cycles of time and space,
the most relevant thing to celebrate
knowing “we” are not separate from “nature”
sleep when the bears do
sing when the birds do
dry out when the ground does
shed what is crumbling when the trees do

seeking ways to experience myself as part of everything else

a wholesome experience of existence

language limits my ability just
“to” “be” “a” “human” “on” “planet” “earth”





How do you relate

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