image Guidelines: Community Evolution

Our foot-steps leave marks, how long depends a lot on seasonal and atmospheric conditions.


Here’s a list of what is currently evolving / healing my relationship with community. After much shadow-work, I am engaging what is important to me and finding ways to bridge it to other people in meaningful ways. I encourage you to write your own list of healing or healthy ways to relate to the people around you.


1. We are responsible to navigate towards being and expressing our true selves. Self-awareness, personal growth and empowerment leads to a community of healthy, empowered people. A community of empowered people is powerful and beautiful.

2. We are responsible to communicate with integrity. Words we use hold a lot of power. They can be used to include or exclude. Whomsoever is effected by the results of a decision, needs to be involved in the process of that decision. It is powerful to engage integrated communication and follow-through on agreements and follow-up on progress.

3. We are responsible to take care of ourselves and each other. Knowing when to push and when to relax. Re-calculating and communicating our capacities and limitations in due time to navigate future commitments. It is powerful to be aware of our current state of ability, take care of ourselves, ask for support and offer support to each other.

4. We are responsible to be aware of and take action towards our inspirations. We are responsible to express and share them in ways we see appropriate. It is powerful when we live as though our choices matter and we choose to participate in creating the world.

5. We are responsible to express our concerns. We are responsible to hear the concerns of others. No one can make someone else care about or work towards anything. We must be willing to call each other out on bullshit and be willing to be called out on bullshit. Small awkward solutions now mean less big awkward problems later. Speak up about concerns. It is powerful to be accountable to each other and willing to grow together.

6. We are responsible to celebrate our diversity by hearing and being heard. Our diversity: personality type, communication style, unique perspective, skills, ambitions, wants, needs, desires, experiences, passions, privilege, age, race, gender, and ability are all valuable assets to contribute to the community. No one sees things quite like we do. It is powerful to speak up and hear others, we all benefit by the balance of the sum that is greater than our individuality.

7. We are responsible to have gratitude and respect for as much as possible. Through gratitude and respect, we will know what people, places, time, money and other resources are worth, and what a blessing they are. We cannot take for granted or squander what is ours or has become ours. It is powerful to embody the value we are working with and the opportunities available to us.

This document is part of a larger ongoing community-evolution initiative. I am excited to continue progress with many collaborators.  At this time, I thank Harmony for her inspiring input on expanding the concepts I started in this document.

What guidelines do you need for evolving / healing community at this time?




How do you relate

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