image Indian blood suckers

Hell is overpopulated with mosquitos
they are my buzzing aura
itchier and itchier
torn from deep rest
and when you’ve given up on sleeping
and even after you’ve slaughtered dozens
and they don’t stop coming
evading your pursuit
constantly surrounding you
right where you don’t see them
like a nightmare
heat seeking missiles
like a dart through the turbulence of the fan
and the cloud of mosquito coil smoke
I’m sneezing and blowing my nose
even the citronella oil all over my body
maybe I’ll get some sleep
on the 16 hour bus ride
I might be able to go to Gokarna
the mosquitos will probably be just as bad there
just one more night here

like clockwork 2am + 5am
when the 3 hour incense sticks finish
woken by the itch
one more stick in the window blowing in
one more in the door blowing out
citronella rubbed into the feet, face, hands
makeshift straight-jacket of layered alibaba pants
I hope I can get enough sleep
to keep my sanity
overdosing on chocolate
making use of my wifi access for Buddhist podcasts
sensation awareness anapana

I survived the night minimal damage done
minimal sankaras and push-buttons acquired
not like the night before
between these nights a hard day internally
a beautifully day externally
sight-seeing Fort Cochin
a reminder of why I’m travelling
a reminder to enjoy the beauty of life
crumbing historic buildings, beautiful antiques
fishing nets and people at sunset
a good meal with courteous staff at a sweet price
a new-found appreciation for comfort, luxury, courtesy

the vedic astrology book says
I should avoid solitude
for a good life

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