image I am a Filter


water flows through me
excreted evenually
enough gets trapped
for long enough
to keep me alive

soluble nutrients in the same flow
I injest and absorb
impermanent building blocks
the red dyes and preservatives
over indulged fats and sugars
trap flesh
extending physical form
through space and time

ideas seen and heard
mimicked, adapted, rejected
learning life by example
in one ear, out the other
but some gets stuck for long enough
to observe and dissect
my lifestyle hardwired

learned worldview context
informing day-to-day
my contribution to culture

values, choices, echoed
infectious filtration adaptation
holding on and letting go

triggered escalation
smiles, tears and fury
flowing presently beyond words
narrative baggage carried onwards

breate in, breathe out
pollen, dust, particles, fumes, exhaust
my reflective life sustaining reflex
capturing oxygen and airborn impurities

I am a filter

How do you relate

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