image Feeeeeelingsss

feelings 1

Two awkward, exaggerated dialogues between two evolving but never perfect fictitious characters about feeeeeelingsss.


Feeeeeelingsss Dialogue #1

a. I have feeeeeelingsss.

b. oh…

a. I don’t want to take these feeeeeelingsss with me so I’m sharing them with you.

b. Whoa. I don’t want them. What do I do with these? This is gross.

a. Yeah, see. That’s why I don’t want them. Besides, it’s all your fault.

b. We should probably get some water, food and sleep and talk about this later. Besides, our feeeeeelingsss are ours to explore and learn more about how we process our relationship to the world. It’s really irresponsible to throw them around like this.

a. This is taking too long. I have things to do. I’m too important for this.

b. You’re really triggering me. I’ve got some feeeeeelingsss. I usually keep them bottled up, but since you started it, I’ll let you have them.

a. Well, at least now we’re having an authentic conversation.

b. This is not an authentic conversation. We’re just dumping on each other.

a. You’re not supporting me in the way that I need. You’re a bad friend.

b. I do not consent to this. I’m not your mother. I’m not your therapist. Now we both lose.


Feeeeeelingsss Dialogue #2

a. I have feeeeeelingsss.

b. oh…

a. Can we work together through something I’m having trouble dealing with on my own?

b. Yes. I consent to walk through an intentional process of self-discovery.

a. Thank you.

b. Do you want to tell me the story, or do you want me to ask you some questions to get started?

a. Well, my feeeeeelingsss are triggered by a pattern of behaviour between us that I’d like to discuss so that we can explore possible solutions.

b. Are you asking me to change my behaviour?

a. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll feel better just talking about it.

b. OK. Thanks for bringing it up.


I hope you enjoyed eavesdropping on these alpha-betas at their most vulnerable intellectualization of emotional conditions. Do not take them as an example for real life, just as an example of simulated life.

How do you relate

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