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Imagine being in harmony with every inconceivable wavelength in the universe, every particle, as it flows through compositions and forms, every being, as it lives and dies, continuing cycles. Imagine choosing for a blink of an eternity to access and take-on a subjective human form and experience. Maybe mostly forgetting the eternal we once were in harmony with.


In life we are distracted by all of the intricacies of what it means To Be A Human On Planet Earth. The sensory information we take in to understand our environment. The thoughts we have that guide our decision-making. The food we must eat to sustain, the sleep we must have to rest and repair. The money we must make to pay our bills. The family and friends we meet and keep to feel connected.

As we come into form, we are built from our mother’s nutrients, tissues, at one with her internal ecosystem and protected by her immune system. From the genetic information that is shared from our father to instigate the growth.

As we live, we breathe the air of the people, animals and plants beside us and across the planet. Particles of dust, pollen, spores from the creation, reproduction and destruction of living and non-living forms carried on the breeze.

As we live, we eat other beings, plant and animal to feed calories to our cells, and nutritious building blocks for the cells to replace themselves, constantly rebuilding this body. These forms of nourishment themselves built from other forms they have ingested on their journeys towards our digestive system, circulatory system, tissues and onwards.

As we live, we cycle water through our tissues in liquid and gas form from the clouds, oceans, flesh, fruit, rivers. The water flows through the river, turns the generator, the electrons flow into the river of power supplying our neighbourhood, house and charges our online device. We read the words that someone has written, sharing the ideas we say we understand and discuss with friends.

As we die, the electric charge that flowed through our nerves to process thoughts, to control our bodily functions, to move our muscles dissipates and grounds. Our cells stop receiving the oxygen and nutrients required to continue dividing. The gut flora we were never able to distinguish ourselves from begins to digest further and further into the tissues that we identified ourselves as and we become the soil, become the plants and insects that eat our tissues, become the animals that eat those plants and insects and become the being that eats and becomes those beings.

But it is not a becoming at all. We already are all of these tissues, plants and beings. A small part for a short time. Forever.

It is likely an oversimplification to observe a molecule of water changing states and flowing through forms: asteroid, glacier, waterfall, river, ocean, cloud, rain, tapwater, tea, intestines, skin, breath, vapour, condensation, mouldy cloth, flush. Or even to observe the hydrogen atoms  and oxygen atom that are the water molecule. Trying to observe the path of a single electron even more inane. Humans have observed that elementary particles blink in and out of existence entirely.

Identities are just as fluid. We write our biographies and CVs to keep a record of and tell our story as it relates to a life time and career path. We rewrite our biographies as it relates to the things we’ve made up our minds about in reference to the world around us and how many more questions we discover after finding some answers.

How can we forget this eternal wavelength flow?

We can get lost in the intricacies of being a human and re-enter lifetime after lifetime until we remember. As the “we” that we identified as for this blink in an eternity dissipates into the forms and waves of “everything else” we conclude our vacation as a human.

We remember that these sensory, thought and identity intricacies are only during the human form time. What of the non-form attributes do we take with us into the formless?

Whether it’s a condition of informal reincarnation or incarnal reinformation, let’s have fun and appreciate this blink of an eternity we have chosen to experience what it means To Be A Human On Planet Earth.

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How do you relate

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