image Gums – Lymph – Gut

I am aging. My gum-line is receding.
I am concerned.
My research tells me the solution
has deeper roots.

I just got a cleaning from a dental hygienist. Tartar buildup pushes gums away. So does brushing too hard, which was the diagnosis. The solution: soft bristle brush, used gently.

Flossing is required every or every other day. Evening makes sense to me, after I stop putting things in my mouth that can get stuck between the teeth. I put some clove or neem oil on my floss. Then some sesame oil massaged on my gums before bed.

Teeth, in a healthy system, sweat fluid out the surface of the enamel. The gums protect the teeth’s connection to the jawbone. Through the jawbone, into the teeth, flows lymph fluid, of the immune system.

Lympha (latin) “connected to water”

Tools of oral care. Soft bristle brush, paste, floss, antibacterial oil and spoon to use as a tongue-scraper, before and after brushing

As part of the lymphatic system, the spleen filters the blood and detects foreign invaders and releases lymphocytes to fight them off.

Giving the digestive system a break from breaking down food and absorbing nutrients gives your body a chance to do some ‘housecleaning’ of ‘cobwebs,’ to clean up damaged cells around the body. And when everything is flowing and healthy, tissues like gums can have a chance to regenerate.

It turns out that most health issues begin in the gut. Even how we think and feel. Our gut-flora ecosystem allows us to digest our food. In fact, our food cravings come from these bacterium communities that we are one with.

I am experimenting with different schedules of intermittent fasting: no food between lunch and breakfast (17 hour fast), one day a month/week (24 hour fast).

Some tips from my research:
green tea – antioxidant
aloe vera – anti-inflammatory and cell repair
myrrh, neem – traditional gum medicines
calcium – jawbone health (dark green leafy veggies are best. I’ve been warned against supplements)
ginko biloba – better blood circulation
coenzyme Q10 – promotes cell renewal
vitamin C + Zinc – immune support
chlorophyll – cleans blood

soak nuts, sprout grains – unblock the nutrients by removing phytic acid
hot/cold showers, alternating 5 minutes – stimulate lymph flow
breathe, exercise and drink water – keep the lymph flowing!

Mainstream dental professionals will state that one cannot grow back gum tissue. I hope to prove this wrong and report my results here as I work from the base of health, the gut, through my lymph, blood and bones by my diet, habits and schedule.

Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It basically means that 90% of the grocery store is to be ignored. No wonder it has always been such a stressful place for me.

There are more bacteria cells in the “human body” than there are human cells. Community is what it’s like to be a human on planet earth.

How do you relate

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