image Know Your Shadow

Seven or so billion souls on this solid sphere circumnavigating some stretch of space

Identities of who are we’s all smashing here and there our wants and needs takes rocks and trees

To reach our goals in physical form

Every night is a dark night for our souls

No space to rest, the time has come

When the sun is gone

All the earth’s shadow becomes one

There’s too much here

Don’t drown in fear

From empathized context

We can not smell

But are sold that this world is a big scary place

Who benefits from this version of justice

Make a plan then execute

Maybe we’ll have more fun with these games when we lose our I

So in the light

One shadow at a time

Stop and breathe

And get to know

The one that’s yours – that’s part of you

From who am I – to who I’m not

Cause serious is what serious does

There’s work to do

This story is not done

How do you relate

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