image Installations

Documentation of festival installations I have consulted and/or curated.

As Art Grant Host at BassCoast, my job was to liaise and consult with the installation artists on location, power and safety.

As Art Department coordinator at Solstice, I inspired and allocated grants to installation artists, consulting on construction and safety practices.

Here is a selection of videos documenting installations I have designed and built.

The Big Cheese in the field is actually a comfy place to rest on the way to the pond.

The quARTz emerges from the ground and sky in crystalline formation. The pigments and strings are available for all to make visible the refractions as each sees them to make one big collaborative piece of art at Solstice.

Sit with the giant Meditating Skeleton facing East while meditating: moving forward through space and time with the rotation of the earth. The whole universe coming straight at us. We can feel the earth rotate. Moving forward. It feels good.

The Bonetowers encompass the screen, stage and DJ at Suma and Promise’s Monstrous Halloween Warehouse party.


See more and more videos here.


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