image Exploring the Darkness

darksideLife is intense. I feel it daily. I see it happening on a global scale.

Sometimes I am surprised by people’s anger and darkness towards solving issues. In the recent U.S. election, I was somehow surprised by Trump’s supporters. Tim Boyd of the Theosophical Society referred to the volcano-like support for Trump.

“He saw something that many did not see. and I don’t know if he saw it in a conscious way, but there are many people who are feeling angry… this has been percolating beneath the surface… he tapped into that… and it rose to the surface… there’s no use denying it was there… it’s not just there in the U.S.”

Through my life I have heard whispers, screams and casual statements of hate and confusion. Struggling and grasping for control and order.

Sometimes drawn to the heat of their familiar sounds and feelings, my heart-rate goes up, I feel empowered. The hate feeds the hate that I am facing. I have heard that I must love my hate in order to overcome it.

Some of my favourite musical artists are explorers of the darkside. Skinny Puppy‘s cEvin Key says in an interview, that in their music “it’s a positive aggression… unless you present something for people to think about they’re not gonna think about it… we’re not living on that level… some of the songs are written through depression… it’s for a positive result. ”

Some artists live the darkside. Psyclon Nine‘s Nero Bellum says in an interview, the creative process “it’s kind of stripping everything away and just being left with like demons that caused you to get all fucked up in the first place and confronting that and then spilling it out into an album… very open-heart surgery.”

Many artists feel the need to suffer for their art. I have felt an obligation as a human of privilege on planet earth to sacrifice and suffer a bit to create some balance and harmony. Suffering is subjective. People endure and shine through horrible experiences and others suffer and crumple under basic challenges. The experience is a matter of context.

John Algeo writes in the Intro to Theosophy that good and evil are always in context of appropriateness in our evolution towards harmony (chapter 9).

There have been periods of my life that I turned my back to the darkness and chose to move towards the light. It was a good choice. Stagnating in hate and darkness doesn’t make anything better.

there are those in the dark moving towards the light
there are those in the dark moving towards the dark
there are those in the light moving towards the dark
there are those in the light moving towards the light

Regarding inner and outer cosmos, Terry Pratchett says in Reaper Man, “No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” Beyond just being clever, I think this quote illustrates the concept that darkness is already there. It’s easy. It takes work to move towards the light. Sometimes we have to wait a long time before we even know what it is.

I choose to move towards the light, which does’t feel possible all the time. I must acknowledge and honour the darkness. Denying the darkness makes it stronger until it finally erupts at such a massive level that it can overwhelm the entire earth. Whether we are in the light or dark, it is our choice which direction we choose to move.

How do you relate

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