image On the way to northernmost Japan


Like a monk on a pilgrimage, with very little posessions other than a robe and begging bowl in which to receive food, hitchhikers are at the mercy and kindness of complete strangers, or rather, friends we haven’t met yet.

There are so many wonderful, adventurous, generous people in the world. A bunch of them are in Japan. As a hitchhiker, one thing we offer to the world is the option for spontaneity. A change in the routine. Most of the people I have received rides from have taken up this offer with enthusiasm.

Hitchhiking is like filling the empty space that doesn’t need to be there. Increasing the efficiency of the world that is already moving along and making it more fun by learning and teaching simple facts of the commonalities we have as humans on planet earth.

As I neared the northernmost point on the northernmost island of Japan during a typhoon, I felt an ambient satisfaction of having completed the goal of the journey, knowing that it doesn’t end here and there is always more life to live. More challenges to achieve. One more steady reminder that life is sometimes like a rollercoaster, but more and more like a marathon. 70% speed for 70% of the time seems like a nice even pace to take.

I recommend:

  • Sanjusangendo, Kyoto
  • Fushimi Inari – Kyoto
  • Katsuyama Dinosaur museum – Fukui
  • Tojimbo – Fukui
  • Ogi – Sado Island (take the ferry from Teradomari)
  • Tashirojima – Miyagi (cat island)
  • Yotei volcano – Hokkaido (sunset and sunrise) (video tba)
  • Cape Kamui, Shakotan Peninsula – Hokkaido
  • Gorota Cape, Rebun – Hokkaido

There is so much more to see on my way back down to Chiba. Stay tuned for more 🙂

How do you relate

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